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career in pharmacy

there are various career option after completion of a pharmacy course in various sectors, preferebly: retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, research pharmacy 
hospital pharmacy
•task to procure, store, compounding and dispensing drugs and other medical accessories
•take responsibility of stock control, store, order placement, labeling and budgeting, and accounts keeping for the 
•deal with patients, doctors and nurses to discuss about the supply of medicines and their appropriate way of administration
retail pharmacy
•dispensing drugs on prescription to the consumer
•to monitor drug sale on the basis of prescriptions and drug doses, and gives advice to use prescribed drugs
•maintain a chemist's shops
•inform the medical practitioners about the potential uses of the drug or health product and their administration along with 
the side effects or precautions for use
•do regular visits to medical practitioner, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and health centers
industrial pharmacy
•to carry out clinical trials, for identification and evaluation of safety and effectiveness of drugs
•do research and development for development of new formulations
•in the production field, task to management and supervision of the production process, packaging, storage and delivery of 
•marketing, sales and quality control of drugs
pharmacy research
to carry out research activities in pharmaceutical industries, research organizations and laboratories
career in pharmacy

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