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career in merchant navy

its an opportunity to travel around the world and the adventures on the high seas, even with the possibility of high salary, attracts youngsters to make a career in the merchant navy.
it is very different from the navy, that it offers commercial services, while the navy is involved in the defence of a nation. merchant navy is backbone of international trade, carry cargo all over the world.
the merchant ships employs a large number of workers to carry and delivery goods from one country to another. without help of merchant navy, much of the import-export business would get stuck. career in merchant navy is considered as a glamorous job. it offers an opportunity to visit novel and exotic places all around the world. this career is not only monetarily rewarding but also satisfying and a challenging task.
eligibility criteria
•candidate who has passed class 12 with physics, chemistry and mathematics.
•candidates should be unmarried indian citizens (male or female).
•vision should be normal , but glasses up to a level may be allowed.
•admissions are done through an entrance that followed by a screening test
•after passing in the test, there is an interview and finally medical test.
•Prior to the employment, you also need to complete a ship-training course, the course generally consist basic security concerns of voyaging.
there are various private institutes, that offers training for merchant navy as well as prepare students for jobs such as marine engineering and deck cadets jobs.
how to join merchant navy after 12th after passing class 12, candidate is eligible to study the following merchant navy courses:
•b.e. marine engineering
•b.sc. nautical science
•b.e. petroleum engineering
•b.e. naval architecture and offshore engineering
•b.e. harbour & ocean engineering
•b.e. mechanical engineering
•b.e. civil engineering
•b.sc. marine catering
•b.e. electrical & electronics engineering
•electro technical officer course
 how to join merchant navy after 10th merchant navy courses can alos pursue after 10th include:
•commercial diving
•near coastal voyage (ncv)
•diploma in nautical science (dns)
•g.p. rating
 job prospects
there are huge employment opportunities in this field. candidate who have completed the basic course in merchant navy can easily get jobs through various consultacies and placement agencies. merchant navy consist of container ships, cargo ships, barge carrying ships, bulk carriers, tankers, refrigerator ships, passenger ships, as well as roll off or roll on ships. the possibility of employment in cargo ships is higher as compared to the others. companies which run merchant ships requires trained people to operate and maintain the ships. some of these companies are like chevron and mobil of usa, denholm of uk, wallem ship management of hong kong, bibby ship management, k line, d'amico etc. in india also few shipping companies, such as the shipping corporation of india, essar and chowgule shipping, great eastern shipping etc. trained people are required specially in three main departments of the ship: the engine, the deck and the service department. in india, job options are also available in private and government shipping companies like shipping corporation of india, del credere agents, clearing houses,etc.
merchant navy job profiles
•electro-technical officer (eto)
•deck officer (navigation officer)
•ratings - ratings are skilled seafarers for help all the officers with daily tasks
•catering & hospitality crew (pursers, chef, stewards, housekeeper etc.)
pay package
very lucrative salary offers can be availed in merchant navy, salary can range from anywhere between 15000 to rs.8 lakhs per month, the pay structure may differ from company to company, the export-import needs, city to city, seniority etc. all crew members and officers are provided free meals on board and even senior officers can take along their wives for the voyage. beside salary, imported cigarettes, liquor, canned foods, cosmetics are available on board duty free. they are also entitled for a long leave every year. most interesting fact is that there is no income tax return imposed on earning of merchant navy professional....
career in merchant navy

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