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agricultural engineering as a career opportunities

agriculture is the very basis of our civilization. it is a science of arts and occupation of cultivating the soil, producing the crops and rearing of animals to provide wool, food and other products.
it is very important for all of us to know about the agriculture. life of mankind and animal kingdom is depending on the agricultural food to live. we must have to know, read and study about the agriculture.
agriculture industry plays vital role in india as provide employment to the huge section of the indian population. earlier, farmers were using ancient methods in cultivation, irrigation as well as farming, but they were not getting fruitful results.
then indian government decided to use the experts' knowledge to improve the productivity of agriculture industry and created new way of engineering. agricultural engineering is a branch of engineering as applied engineering science disciplines and technology to practice efficient production and processing of feed, food, fiber and fuels. it made after merging the principles of plant biology, animal biology, civil, electrical mechanical, and chemical engineering.
it is a technologically sophisticated field, offers bright career prospects and opportunity throughout world, and in various sectors. even higher studies cab be opted by b.tech graduates in agriculture are: m.tech in farm machinery and power engg, m.tech in agricultural engg, m.tech in renewable energy, m.sc in rural technology, m.tech in crop production, phd in agri-informatics, phd in rural technology.
well-paid career is available for qualified agricultural engineers in private and public sector organizations, food processing and retail industry, agribusiness firms, research organizations and laboratories, central and state government organizations, banks and financial corporations and private firms.
job roles for agricultural engineering: agricultural specialist, farm shop manager, agricultural engineer, agricultural crop engineer, environmental controls engineer, food supervisor, plant physiologist, agricultural inspector, researcher, agronomist, microbiologist, survey research agricultural engineer, soil scientist etc.
candidates who passed 10+2 or diploma examination are eligible to got admission for agricultural engineering. various industries hire these professionals as: agricultural commodities, farming industry consultants, amul dairy, escorts, nestle india, itc, proagro seed etc.
salary structure: in the public sector organizations, fresher can expect a salary between rs 20,000/- to rs 25,000/- per month, based on the efficiency and capability. while in private organizations, mnc's and ngo's, they are paid well. as for a teacher in the filed of agricultural can earn an initial amount of rs 15000/- per month and additional as allowance.
agricultural engineering as a career opportunities

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