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career in animation sector

an artistic inclination and a creative bent of mind measure the unrestricted boundaries of the world of animation.
“creativity is a visualisation of illustrations and imagery, telling a story is a techniques and the ability to transfer ideas” says mr nilesh jawarani, centre director, arena animation. amit sharma, director, framebox animation’s adds to this “animation is defined as consolidation of graphics, text, sound effects and visual skills.”
there is not only a single field sans animation effects these days, various fields are there like product designing, cartoons to movies, advertisements, websites and research, so animation has a hold everywhere. graphics and gaming are the latest additions to its credit.
Scope of animation is rising as never before, so there are many things that we need to keep in mind before opting this career. With the innovative thoughts, you need to be full of ideas and be willing to implement them. additional to this, a diploma or degree in animation and advanced courses are also requisite for growth and making a place for in the industry. for a beginner in animation, a preliminary course in 2d and 3d animation is a must. afterward they may move ahead to any advanced course. not even in teaching graphics, these courses also aim at pre-production skills such as storyboarding, sketching, and creative visualisation.
career options/ scope: in this field there is no dearth of career options. candidate can be a layout artist, modeller, clean-up artist, background artist, key frame animator and in-between animator in this industry. gaming industry is so fastly catching pace now days. there is the good prospect for early movers in the industry, having tremendous potential because of a ready market across the country.
rigging artists, game modellers, game animators, environment modelers, level designers and mobile game designers are some of the latest career options. it have a much bigger market than hollywood because the cost of animation related projects is around 10 times cheaper than in the united states. globally also it has widened the perspective and scope as out¬sourcing for international companies like pixar, blue sky, dreamworks and sony pictures is going on these days.
salary expectations: freshers can expect a starting salary of rs 5000-10000 depending on their skill and creativity. with spending time and experience, and based on skill sets, sky is the limit.
various institutes and universities offering degree and diploma course in animation. some of them are:
•the jj school of arts, mumbai
•maya academy of advanced cinematics (maac), new delhi, kolkata and mumbai
•arena animation, all over india
career in animation sector

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