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mass communication as career

in the current years observed an unexpected growth in the field of communication. That days are gone are when a short and sweet reporting could get the message across.
world of communication is not only changed but so has the targeted audience.
the predictions of the field doing well and growing higher with the increase in the numbers of television sets, radio 
stations, news channels, advertising and so much more each growing day, this field seems to be transcending into an unmatched growth along with the option of its pursuers to have a vast dynamic career. earlier tv, newspapers, magazines and journalism were public services, while with changing economy, now media has also diverted in its form. rise of new media has created a wide range of new possibilities, and profiles such as radio jockeys or disc jockeys are not so unusual.
a degree in mass communication opens up opportunities in journalism, advertising and public relations as a career. but a 
solid command over the language is crucial requirement for success difference between journalism and mass communication 
although some might confuse journalism with mass communication, but as the name suggests mass communication is about 
disseminating information to the masses at local, national or international levels with or without a necessary intent.
While journalism is more about informing people about something meaningful. journalism is more predictable to its approach where emphasis is on information and facts, while mass communication is about letting the creative bug make the better of people. 
Even it is difficult to differentiate these two, but journalism is towards to news reporting for newspapers, television or 
magazines but mass communication is a much broad field encompassing graphics, radio, films, online media, television, 
documentary, advertising, events, corporate communications and so on.
eligibility criteria for mass communication courses: for undergraduate courses candidate should pass in class xii from any 
board, while for pursuing post graduate courses, a candidate to be below th age of 30 years and have a bachelors degree in 
any discipline. Some institutes also prefer work experience in media related work.
job prospects: the candidates of this trade can look forward to work in public relations, films,television, publishing, 
editing, journalism, direction, etc. but the people with strong skills and a head for communication are preferred. 
requirement is of the aspirants to be energetic, skillful and creative.
various job profiles offered to in mass communication are film director, sound engineer, sound mixer and sound recorder, 
public relations officer, special correspondent, producer, tv correspondent, radio jockey, rj, screenwriter, art director 
editor, video jockey, event manager, fashion photographer, illustrator critic, cartoonist, photojournalist etc.
various companies in mass communication for the aspirants to work are all india radio, central information service, 
journals, news agencies, legal affairs department, press information bureau, tv channels, photography companies, websites 
periodicals, radio telecasting companies, magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, blogs, books and novels, broadcasting 
pay scale: attractive and high pay jobs as journalist, director, actor, editor, rj, producer, vj, screenwriter are available 
to trained individuals. startup salary for a professional may be between rs 12,000 and 25,000 depending on communication 
mass communication as career

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