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career in health management

healthcare excellence is essential for any country to sustain development, in india health care sector is in need of personnel who have skill in medical sciences and also are technologically sound.
health care industry in india is growing rapidly at a fast pace every year, and due to this diverse growth and rapid growth, career opportunities are also growing significantly in healthcare industry in india.
job in healthcare management in india are not only limited to doctors alone. this sector have diversified job opportunities, and the expectations are to increase manifold in the near future. scenario in healthcare is changing rapidly than other fields. the sector is changing in terms of who will providing these services, how and where care will be delivered, and how the care will be financed.
now days healthcare management sector needs talented people to manage the changes taking place. health care executives get an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to improve the health of the communities their organizations serve. most people think that doctors, nurses or specialized technicians are health care persons, but now these professions are supported by health care managers that have good job security and income.
jobs in this sector can be quite diversed, like they can be found in nursing homes, large medical related corporations, hospitals, clinics, eye surgery centers, outpatient surgical centers, pharmaceutical establishments, specialized technical groups, insurance companies, drug companies and corporations that cater to these employers.
roles & responsibilities: the roles and responsibilities of health management professionals is to manage clinical, professional, clerical and administrative staff, overseeing the dayto- day management of an organization, a specific unit or a service area, managing the recruitment, selection, appraisal and development of staff and implementing new policies and directives. they have to negotiate with people in external organizations and also with non-medical and medical staff internally, e.g. voluntary groups, social services or the private sectors. they have to collect and analyse data and use for plan and manage towards ensuring value for money for patients.
today it also involves extrapolating data for monitoring purposes and quality assurance, maintaining finances and setting budgets within limited constraints. they also have to involve in attending meetings, planning and implementing strategic changes to improve service quality, writing reports and delivering presentations to the audience. health management professionals have to represent the views of departments and teams. they have to tackle communications and corporate affairs, involvement in managing premises, cleaning, catering, portering, purchasing equipment and supplies, security and organizing stores, they have to manage information and financial data, for analysis and measure performance. they need to support systems and to plan new projects.
other job options are also in health care sector includes openings as team managers to supervise health information, marketing, medical billing human resource, and other departments. they have to be responsible and highly motivated to work for long hours and also under pressure.
even health care administrators or the clinical managers executives or or may be the health information managers and nursing home administrators are also the opportunities. they may be offered in pharmaceutical companies, credit rating firms, health insurance companies, e-health ventures, ngos, etc. health care management degree make you enable to explore the medical tourism sector in india. presently, very less number of people in india are employed in the healthcare management sector jobs. that gives idea about the wide scope and diverse opportunities in healthcare industry in india.
courses and eligibility criteria: healthcare management courses focus on communications, finance, operations and other areas related to indian health care industry. you may study for both graduation and post graduation courses and diploma programme in health care management. those with a graduate degree in any of the disciplines like life sciences, pharmacy, micro biology, medicine, physiotherapy, nursing, veterinary science, paramedics, biotechnology etc. can opt a career in healthcare management. even mba in health care management can be also pursue for a better career.
various institute of health care are in india like: tata institute of social sciences (tiss), hyderabad; all india institute of medical sciences (aims), new delhi; christian medical college, vellore; indian institute of health management research (iihmr), jaipur; manipal academy of higher education, manipal.
career in health management

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