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career in elderly care

elderly people above the age of 60 years in india is fastly growing. they accounted for about 6 percent of total population and are expected to grow higher by 2021.
for a developing countries, it may create mounting pressures on socio economic fronts including health care expenditures, pension outlays, savings levels, fiscal discipline etc.
even population of this segment faces multiple psychological and medical problems. so an rising need to pay attention to ageing-related generated factors. although the care of elderly is inbuilt in cultural value system of Indian in terms of economical, social, psychological and medical aspects has become a challenge.
in creation of a supportive environment for the wellness of elderly, Indian government is also fully committed and playing a vital role in preparing and implementing policies to create good environment for older persons for their active and productive life. the ministry of social justice and empowerment, playing as nodal ministry in regard to ageing issues, and providing basic policy guidelines and the roadmap for its implementation with the support of state governments, civil society, ngos, institutions etc. 
health care facilities are improving day by day is one of the major reason for continuous hike in proportion of population of elderly. It means they do not merely live longer, but they need a dignified, secure and productive life is a major challenge.
constitutional and legislative provisions: article 41 also emphasis to provide education and securing the right to work in cases of old age, sickness and disablement, Government has also imposed maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens act, 2007 in december 2007 for welfare of parents and senior citizens.
the policy make assur the health care, financial and food security, shelter and other needs of older persons for their improved life. national council for older person: under the chairmanship of the union minister of social justice and empowerment, a national council (ncop) was constituted.
professional service to elderly: elderly care profession suit to students of social science for well being of elderly people. lots of elders suffer to life style disease like hypertension, diabetes, lung and heart diseases, and they require professional support for their daily activities. this profession is most upcoming for assistance of daily living of elders, they requires more dedication, attention and commitment additional to knowledge and experience.
In metro cities job potential is higher. looking in view of increasing demand, few institutes and government take initiative to train person on elderly/geriatric care. national institute of social defence is an unique institution that offers customized courses to serve elderly for various needs needs.Certificate and post graduate diploma courses are available based on qualification of aspirants.
career in elderly care

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