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career in aeronautical engineering

if you are curious about how aircraft flies, how satellites are setup, how does it sends pictures space, how the paper plane fly, even are you fascinated by computers and electronics, if yes then aerospace engineering is a better career for you. aeronautical or aerospace engineering is an art and science to study, design, and manufacturing of air flight-capable machines, and to learn techniques of operating aircraft and rockets.
it is a challenging field of engineering with good scope for growth. field deals in new technology development in the space exploration, aviation and defense systems. it deals in designing, construction, development, testing, operation and maintenance of both military and commercial aircraft, spacecrafts and components. they also involved in satellites and missiles developement. aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering are part of aerospace engineering.
aeronautical engineering is usually team work done under supervision of seniors, with skill and technical expertise, although pay are also high. in this field those get success who skilled with mathematical precision, physically fit and dedicated to work.
various specializations in the field are,navigational guidance and control systems, structural design, instrumentation and communication, production methods of passenger planes, military aircrafts, helicopters, rockets, satellites etc.
eligibility: for be or b.tech basic eligibility criteria is 10+2 or equivalent exam, with chemistry, physics and mathematics with a higher percentage of marks. diploma, degree and postgraduate degree courses are alos offered by various engineering colleges and institutes of technology (iits). after graduation course students can opt m.tech or ms in the various specializations like, 
aerospace engineering, aeronautical engineering, master of engineering aeronautical engineering, phd program can also be done with specialization of choice.
job roles: you may pick a job matching with area of interest, normally offers are as such, 
aircraft engineers, aerospace design checker, thermal design engineer, aircraft production manager, research and development. as an electronics engineer, to design sensors and connections, as mathematicians to develop math formulae to design engineers work.
scope and opportunities of aeronautical engineering: various job opportunities in national, international, public and private sector airline services are available. opportunities also available in helicopter corporation of india and flying clubs, government and private airlines and aircraft manufacturers, drdo, national aeronautical lab, civil aviation department etc. with good performance, academic background and aptitude, they can be placed for aircraft maintenance or support section. while recruiting companies look at the academic record, subject knowledge and communications skills. top recruiters in this field are drdo, isro, nasa, air india, air bus, pawan hans ltd etc.
various institutes conduct this course like iit’s, iisst, hindustan university, amity, srm chennai aven ignou also.
career in aeronautical engineering

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