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career in border roads organization

brigadier of the corps of engrs. to give optimum results, the company, has few service units like ‘engineer stores transport and supply company’
or for procurement, storage of it, issuance goods and transport of construction stores; ‘field workshop’ do maintenance and repairs of vehicles and heavy machinery. companies,have around 400 pioneers,
as foot soldiers to handle all kinds of manual work, that otherwise can’t be got done through locally mustered or casual daily wagers. army pioneers are alos members to hold fire arms for vehicle, cash, sensitive documents and or vips security. these units are commanded by officers having expertise in these fields.
the medical unit do care of suffering and sick, every project also have one signals officer who manage the wireless communications network, to observe movement of official post as well as the private informations of the troops. provost unit is also important to take care of the external as well as internal security of the organization.
governing regulations: officers and men simultaneously controlled under the rules for recruitment, pay and allowances, leave and retirement or discharge etc., they governed by central civil services regulations to keep discipline, simultaneously also governed under the provisions of army act, 1950, with few necessary modifications.
cadres of gref officers: mostly of gref officers are civil engineers, few of them may be electrical and mechanical engineers. they are constituted into border roads engineering service, or ‘bres’. After them gref administrative officers and medical officers are another strong groups.
categories of tradesmen: bulk of working strength of gref troops is those to work on construction of buildings and roads. they are pioneers, dozer operators, compressor drivers, masons, drillers, mechanics, electricians, leading hands, overseers, carpenters, mates etc. these road making units are supported by wireless operators, clerks, nursing assistants, cooks, safai walas etc., those responsible for maintaining the administration in offices and camps.
Recruitment: gref officers are recruited by by union public service commission depending on the requirement of projected by india engineering services competitive examination. while other cadre officers are recruited by the through interview only by upsc. various subordinate gref are recruited centrally by the commandant, gref centre and records, pune.
pay and allowances: central govt.’s scales of pay is applicable to gref troops with all the benefits as per central government service rules. individual who passionate to do work in outdooe, spirit of patriotism and craving to serve the mother land, feel proud in disciplined setup, for them it is the best choice to make career in border roads organization.
career in border roads organization

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