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career in real estate

real estate sector can be said as backbone of indian economy. in world there are many countries where millions of peoples are still do not have a home,
and millions more are searching for that suits their requirement and their budget, so the real estate sector attract people at all levels. in the real estate field agents or brokers help people in buying, selling or lease homes,
land and buildings. Property in real estate is of two types like residential and commercial. residential real estate are bungalows, condominiums, houses, duplex homes etc. to live people, while commercial real estate means office complexes, industrial premises, office buildings etc. agents in residential real estate have to deal with individual and families, while in commercial they deal with office space and buildings.
In india the real estate gained tremendous growth as well as a large employment generating sector as agriculture, this sector has also opened doors for enhancement of direct foreign investment and career prospectus for agents and professionals.
in some cases real estate managers also do work of rent collection, managing payment of maintenance staff, outgoings of payments, insurance payments, and negotiation with tenants. they do help in all financial and administrative operations of real estate investments and stress on highest real estate profit for investors and businesses. their task is to show properties, inform area sales statistics, study contracts before making offers or closing deals etc. for collection of rent and security as well as handling of maintenance of infrastructure in surround vicinity.
mostly agents do independent sales for a firm, or give services on behalf of a licensed broker, or we can say that they do work as intermediaries in price negotiation between sellers and buyers. for many working hours and monthly income are not fixed, they get commission on sales price so their earning potential may be unlimited.
Eligibility: no requirement of qualification in this field, normally companies appoint candidates having course of diploma, post graduate diploma and certificate in real estate management. eligibility for these courses is graduation for mba and pg diploma, while after completion of 10+2, diploma and certificate courses are available. curriculum of courses covers various subjects like real estate law, property valuation and analysis, risk management, economics, market research, development & management, entrepreneurship in real estate management, construction economics ,infrastructure finance, real estate marketing.
skills required: knowledge of various areas like estate and property law, property valuation skill, negotiation power, public relationship, communication skill and good selling skills. regular updates of market trends as well as market predictions. for technical job in this industry, candidate require a degree in construction engineering or civil engineering.
job roles: industry offers a plenty of job roles like property valuations, project management, investment banking and management to research, facilities management, quantity surveying, sales and marketing, property acquisition, authority permissions and then convince people to spend money
Various job designations are property manager, facilities manager, residential real estate broker, real estate appraiser, real estate investment consultant, project development experts, nowdays in india, various famous websites such as 99acres, indiahousing etc are working to buy and sell properties throughout country and work as mediators with increasing the experience, the manager can establish a consultancy firms or a dealership.
this sector has rewarded a good career With certain best recruiters like dlf limited, ansal api, raheja universal, unitech, tata housing, larsen & toubro ltd, parsvanath ltd, omaxe ltd, punj lloyd group, 99 acres and magic bricks.
Various institutes are offering courses in real estate sector are, national institute of construction management and research, pune; amity university, Noida; indian institute of real estate (iire); ansal university, gurgaon etc.
career in real estate

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