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career in jewellery designing

designing, manufacturing and trading of jewellery is a part of the human society since long back, even india is renowned in world for its jewellery and its designing.
earlier only selected families were running this jewellery designing business, they keep their knowledge as secret and passed it from generation to generation. now it boom as commercially
and opened new ways for job seekers.
today jewellery is a fashion statement and do reflection of status in society. So the development of modernised jewellery with traditional gold jewellery is arising. with increasing different avenues the jewellery designing career is flourishing in full swing. It is available for creative mind because now days jewellery is purchased not only for financial security but a trendy fashion wear for different occasions.
many institutes in india offer long-term, short-term and even distance learning programs in jewellery designing. for a diploma course, minimum eligibility to join is graduation in any field, while for short-term courses can be joined after 10 or a 10 + 2 level. internship with a renowned jewellery house will enhance knowledge of different types of stones, presentations, design themes, jewellery costing and jewellery making.
Even computer aided programs for designing will also give technical and aesthetic traits of designing. After completion of the course, candidate door are open for unlimited job opportunities due to boom in this industry. Even with talent you may launch your own range of exclusive jewellery. a diploma or graduation program in designing may cost around rs 50,000 to rs 2.0 lakh, while short-term courses may cost between rs 20,000 to rs 80,000.
job prospects: during study in this field you learn basic skills like stone cutting, polishing, engraving and testing of quality of gems and precious metals. special skills are also taught like metal colouring, anodising, electroplating, enamelling and stone setting to jewellery designing students. boom in the jewellery industry has raised high employment opportunities even as freelance designer to set up retail and trading unit. good job options and attractive salaries and high pay packet to jewellery designer are increasing intrest in this field. startup salaries may be around rs 8000 per month, that increase with experience to rs 18,000 to rs 20,000 or more.
jewellery designing is playing vital role in indian economy and earn foreign exchange for the country. in india it is one of the fastest growing industry segment, to cnsume 20 percent of gold of the world gold consumption with a huge revenue of more than $13 billion.
employment opportunities for the professionals in jewellery field in india is too vast and provides 1.3 million jobs to people throughout the country and still growth is continue.
Positives and drawback aspects in jewellery industry: in india the market demand for jewellery designers is very high that makes it an evergreen career path and a high rewarding profession. but vacancies are normally not published in any mode so need to put great effort for foothold in this industry. setting up business is a very costly affair.
top jewellery companies in india are swarovski, nakshatra, tanishq, gili etc.
career in jewellery designing

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