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career in forestry and wild life

did you get disturb with increased rapid urbanization and unplanned misutilization of forest resources. do you worry about fast depleting biodiversity.
would you want to save the wild animals and natural habitats. then you are a perfect person to opt career in forestry and wild life. forestry and wild life are together since beginning of forest as home of wildlife. forestry is an interesting field to study, it is a vital natural
resources to sustain human being. they are home to the most amazing natural products like medicine, herbs, cosmetics etc. 
rivers, forests, lakes, wildlife etc. are natural resources and play role in indian lifestyle but due to increasing population it enhanced pressure on environment. so government is also awaked to conduct programmes and implement policies for conservation of the natural resources, welfare of animals, ecosystem and prevention of pollution etc. forestry profession target to create, manage and conserve forests in very sustainable manner for the overall environmental benefit.
from last few years, issues of climate change and global warming are of prime concern, so the forestry is also gaining importance. forestry is a wide term of since to cover a variety of activities like wildlife habitat, natural water quality management, assisting forests to provide timber as raw material for wood products, landscape, recreation and community protection, tourism, watershed management, biodiversity management, erosion control, and preserving forests so it can be said that it is an excellent career option for nature lovers for a good career as well as to following their heart.
eligibility: career in forestry can be pursue after getting a b.sc forestry degree of 3 years that requires subjects physics, chemistry and biology at the 10 + 2 level. further studies can be carry for m.sc. forestry that require minimum qualification a bachelor's degree in forestry. apart to these courses there is a post graduate diploma in forest management is also offered for starting a career.for career as officers, indian forest service exam is conducted by upsc every year.
job roles: it is ann outdoor work to spend maximum time in mapping forest areas, especially in initial years of your career. you can choose to work in forest management, indian forest service, forest research, plantation forestry, wildlife management etc.
they can work as: forester to protect and regenerate wildlife habitat, care of wild fires and landscape. dendrologists do research on the history, measuring, grading, life span, classifying the varieties of trees, and studytheir improvement etc., ethnologists to analyse behavior and biological functions of organism in their natural environment. and design healthy habitats for animals in aquarium, zoo and laboratories and observe animal behavior. entomologists to control diseases caused by pests and insects. forest range officers to do care of sanctuaries, botanical gardens, public forests etc.
zoo curators to do welfare, conservation and breeding of animals in the zoos. even they can get jobs abroad as wildlife consultants for renowned organizations. forest persons can also be hired by various organizations like tata energy research institute (teri), centre for environment education, world wildlife fund (wwf), and consultancy firms like kpmg and ernst and young etc.
scope: graduates in forestry can get jobs in ngos, department of forest and wildlife, corporate houses those involved in timber plantations, in botanical and zoological parks, research work in public institutions like indian council of forestry research and education (icfre), wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, still photography, film making and wildlife journalism, teaching jobs in universities, in television channels like national geographic and discovery etc.
their are various institutes and universities offering courses in forestry like, indian institute of forest management, bhopal; forestry research institute, dehradun; orissa university of agriculture and technology, bhubaneshwar; birsa agricultural university, ranchi; wildlife institute of india, dehradun; college of horticulture and forestry, solan; college of forestry, srinagar and many more.
career in forestry and wild life

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