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career as a cartoonist

lots of us were egerly waiting to see r.k laxman’s cartoons in the newspapers. cartoons have the capacity to carry wit, punch and satire all in only one message.
these are a social and political observation on the ongoing incidents in very simple words, job of cartoonist is to show a mirror to the society.cartooning is a process of drawing still cartoon pictures that are normally humorous and are oftenly visible in print
publications, like newspapers and magazines, even in online publications like websites and blogs. cartoons may consist of only one picture or may consist of several pictures and referred as a comic strip. graphic novel are also prepared which are a very long series of cartoons. scenes and characters are generally not drawn realistically in most of the cartoons. instead, it appear as cartoonish or caricatures. to show the words of characters, present by caption or speech and thought bubbles.
generally cartoons convey some message that depends on the audience. Sometime these may be very complex or little simple. political cartoons may depend on subtle irony and dry humor, cartoons present married life are generally little simpler and reveal common marital problems, and make humorous situations.
Role of cartoonist: cartoonist illustrate or draw cartoons, sometimes they selfly add captions, thought bubbles and speech bubbles, or these words may be added by separate writers. cartoonist see humor in day to day life, even in serious situations. 
cartoon may be drawn by paper and pen or directly on computer software. a storyboard cartoonist do interpretation of script and draw pictures to present different scenes to helps actors or animators.
cartoons are entertaining as well as informative and show current events and situations with subtle and truth humour. caricatures specialize cartoonists make pictures that exaggerate prominent features, like large nose and make it recognisable to the public. motion cartoonists may be called as animators, because they draw photographes in sequencial manner to make a film. in india, cartoons has a long history, these are drawn since british empire, over the years, it establish as important and independent version of the masses.
eligibility criteria: there is no requirement of a formal qualification. few institutions are offering courses in sculpting, painting and photography, even yet now they have not established courses in cartooning in the country. bachelor’s degrees in fine art, drawing, animation, painting are sufficient for employer. but an higher degree may be required to promote at upper level positions with professional experience in the industry. 
personal skills for cartoonist: they must possess an excellent sense of humor, creativity, lateral thinking, drawing skills, develop new ideas to put into sketches.
job prospects: cartoonists may work for newspapers, magazines, tv and film, animation projects or for artists. They can be employed at animation studios, film and video studios, print publications, publishing companies, cartoon networks, gaming companies or in the animation industries.
Various institutes are their for education of cartoonist are like sir j.j. school of applied art; indian institute of cartoon, Bangalore; faculty of fine arts, university of baroda; ftii, nid, toonz animation india private limited, whistling woods international etc.
career as a cartoonist

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