studycart foundation customer faqs

Q. What are the benefits for customers to do listing at studycart?

Ans. Customers can promote/advertise their educational organizations and Study Materials at this website. Our classified listing prices are so reasonable as compared to others with good searching results.


Q. How can the customer do listing?

Ans. To add a new listing, customer needs to create an account on the website and select the appropriate category for listing. Fill all the required fields given in format and submit it. Click here to add listing


Q. What is free and featured listings?

Ans. There are two types of listings i.e. free listing and featured listing. Featured listing is a paid listing. All categories have both free listings and featured listings. Free listings can be done without paying any payment while featured listings can be done with mentioned payment. The customer can do both free and featured listings of each listing in any category.


Q. What are the benefits of featured listing?

Ans. Featured listings are paid listings. Any listing in any category (except download) can be added as featured listings. Featured listings are displayed first with a different color in each category. These listings are shown in google search with some specific keywords.


Q. Which categories have free listings?

Ans. All categories have free listing feature.


Q. Which categories have featured listings? 

Ans. All categories except download.


Q. What are the listing prices of featured listing for customers?

Ans. Listing Price for each featured listing is Rupees 2000 (Rupees Two Thousand per year) which is subject to change time to time.


Q. What are the listing renewal prices for customers?

Ans. Same as listing price, if renewal is done before the expiry date. After the expiry date, it will be considered as a new listing.


Q. How to make payment for listing?

Ans. Studycart does not accept any cash payment for the classified listing. The customer has to deposit the required amount cheque in the nearest branch of Canara bank in the account of studycart foundation. Studycart foundation account details are as follows:

Bank Name: Canara Bank

Account Holder Name: Studycart Foundation

Account Type: Current Account

Account No: 2793201000988

Branch: Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur


Q. Can customer edit or delete the listing after approval?

Ans. Once the listing is approved, any further changes can be done only with the approval of studycart.


Q. What will be the listing order on the website?

Ans. The listing will be displayed by default in random order at the website. 


Q. How much time will be taken to approve the uploaded listing?

Ans. Once the payment credited in studycart bank account, the listing will be approved within three working days.


Q. How many listings can be done in the same account?

Ans. There is no limit for listing.

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