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career in environmental science

career in environmental science

करियर इन एनवायर्नमेंटल साइंस

human beings are thought to be the most intelligent in creations of god, but they cause most damage to the nature and its

harmony. stratospheric ozone depletion, acid rain, mangrove destruction, biodiversity loss and tropical deforestation are
seems to be either irreversible or too costly to mitigate. arising negative consequences like land degradation is apparent,
sea level is rising, long-drawn droughts, more frequent or intense flooding of river and coastal areas and unpredictable
climatic changes have already affect us. engineers and environmental scientists work to measure different environmental
affecting factors and work on technical solutions to maintain a sustainable lifestyle and gives innovative approaches of
scientific and engineering principles for damage control and environmental modeling.

career in environmental science offer jobs related to monitoring, controlling and researching our atmospheric, aquatic and
terrestrial environment. environmental sciences covers various departments like atmospheric sciences, climate management,
microbiology, energy management, environmental chemistry, water management, oceanography, environmental technology etc.
degree in environmental science equips the candidate with essential skills to lead job in the environment or other related
it is a multidisciplinary field having integration of the biological, physical and earth sciences, to understand the working
of earth and supports life. by identifying system of nature, we may try to control and prevent environmental disruption.
environment saving result in saving of human health and other species life live on earth. source of environmental problems
and solution device strategies are investigated by environmental scientists. environmental expert do traveling around the
world to focus on physical, mathematical and written aspects of environmental studies. do research work on health hazards
and pollutants by collecting air, water and soil samples. they also inspect factories and businesses to assess their
adherence to government rules and regulations.
environmental experts do reduction of carbon footprint and increased use of clean and green energy, also involve in water
courses and eligibility: to do in environmental science, candidate should have physics, chemistry and biology in level
11 and 12. to grow in this field, masters in environmental sciences or biology are almost mandatory. in environmental
engineering also need pcm at school level. environmental science study provides very specific skills like research and
problem solving skills; create scientific, ethical and philosophical perspectives; enhance data collection, computing and
analyzing ability; develope statistics and measurement skill; generate understanding to environmental issues.
colleges and institutes offering environmental science are dr. b.r. ambedkar open university, hyderabad; fergusson college,
pune; cochin university of science and technology, kochi; the maharaja sayajirao university of baroda, vadodara; panjab
university, chandigarh; amity university, noida; jawaharlal nehru university, delhi; veer narmada south gujarat university,
surat and so more.
job prospectus: after availing a degree/diploma or post graduation in environmental science one can do government jobs as
policy or planning maker, environmental lawyer, plant and soil scientists, microbiologists, ecologists, consultants to
setting manufacturing units as per legal specifications, zoologists, horticulturists, wildlife conservationists, researcher,
ranger etc.
salary offer to environmental scientists: in india it is around rs 4 to 5 lakh annually, while environmental and health
safety managers earn around rs 10 to 11 lakh per annum.
jobs as an environmental journalist, science teacher, and researcher can also be done in various companies or institutions.